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MOVMAX N2 Air Arm Shocker Absorber Series

  • Aviation Grade Alloy CNC Body
  • Suspension Shock Absorbing System
  • Super Durable Roller Bearings
  • Hydraulic Air Pump, 0 – 40 kg Payload variable
  • Semi-closed Structure
  • Suitable For Single Person Installation


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N2 Air Arm Shock Absorption System Packing List

  • Standard Flight Case
  • N2 Air Arm
  • Horizontal Compensation Vibration Isolator
  • Ronin2 Battery Locker
  • Transmission Bracket
  • Ratchet Wrench
  • Inflator
  • Mitchell Wrench


Dimensions: 690 mm x 355 mm x 392 mm

Pressure Range: 0 – 300 Pa

Recommended Pressure: 200 Pa

Operating Temperature: -35C to 80C

Net weight 10.15 kg

Maximum Capacity: 40 kg

Maximum Length: 300 mm

Packing Weight: 19 kg