Techno crane 22

TGC are proud to be the technocrane UK distributor

The Technocrane 22 is now available to hire.  See why it’s great and get all the specs here.


– Light weight telescopic camera crane.

– The telescopic arm extends to 15 ft ( 4.7 m) and when fully raised the camera lens height goes to 22 ft ( 6.7 m)

– Modular system for flexibility

– Fits into the smallest of studios – retracted the arm is only 11.5 ft (3.5 m)

– Fully functioning jib – can be fitted to other dollies

– Ultimate precision with zero backlash

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technocrane 22

Why Use The Technocrane 22?

TGC rate this crane model for it’s quality and versatility.  Here’s our full list:

TECHNOCRANE 22 on site

– Flexibility and reach – the Techno 22 is designed to provide a long reach, allowing you to capture shots from unique and challenging angles.  The telescopic arm reaches from11.5 ft ( 3.5 m) to 15 ft ( 4.7m) from the column.  The full reach when the crane is fully raised is 22 ft (6.7 m) And it’s this reach that lets you get shots from high vantage points or over obstacles.

– Smooth and stable – equipped with high-quality motors and precision controls, the crane guarantees smooth and stable camera movements.

– Versatility – the modular design means it is adaptable to use with a range of camera and lens configurations.

Remote Operation – the Technocrane 22 can be operated remotely using the control panel when required

Safety and Control: Designed with safety features to protect the camera and crew during operation. Additionally, the precise controls allow you to execute complex shots with confidence, minimizing the risk of mistakes or accidents.


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Technocrane 22 Specs


technocrane 22 overview


technocrane 22 sideview


technocrane 22 topview

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If you need something larger, we also have a Supertechno 50 Crane with a reach of 37ft to 50ft